Thief Goes Viral with TERRIBLE Dancing!

Thief Goes Viral with TERRIBLE Dancing!

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Mark Bao, an 18-year old entrepreneur and non-profit founder, has just added to his already impressive resume: Cyberhero. Mark Bao recently had his laptop stolen, and took to Twitter to figure out what he should do about it.

Using a variety of coding methods and online services, he was able to hack into the missing computer and gather some rather compelling embarrassing evidence.

Of course, Mark went for the LOL and messed with the guy by posting the following lusciously ludicrous video:

Suffice it to say that the thief was quickly found – he lived in Bao’s building – and turned the computer in to the police. Apparently, the thief has pleaded with Bao to take the video down, but he isn’t budging. It’s a lesson learned!

Do you think Mark should have uploaded the video? We do!

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