This Animated Short About A Disabled Puppy Melted Disney And Pixar’s Hearts

This Animated Short About A Disabled Puppy Melted Disney And Pixar’s Hearts

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Why we’re covering this: Disabled-inclusion remains cutting-edge in the long fight for universal equality. We’ve written about it many times, and artwork — especially heartwarming short-films like this one — help educate non-disabled allies to ensure the disability issues stay in the public consciousness.

If you don’t melt over Jacob Frey and Markus Kranzler’s animated short “The Present”, then check your pulse because you might be dead. It tells the story of a disabled puppy and its new owner: a young, video-game obsessed boy who isn’t impressed by the imperfect pup.

Since it’s a short, we don’t wanna ruin anything for you, but the film shows that disabled folks want love, attention, fun and playtime just like everyone else; something that’s easy to forget if you focus on the disability rather than the person.

And know thisL since its creation as a 2014 graduation project, it has won 59 international awards and its creators now work as animators at Disney and Pixar. That is, some of the world’s best animators and animated film experts love this film, and we hope you do too.

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