This Man’s 19-Inch Penis Is Destroying His Life

This Man’s 19-Inch Penis Is Destroying His Life

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UPDATE: Is Cabrera lying? We take a look.

Roberto Esquivel Cabrera has what is perhaps the world’s largest penis at a whopping 19 inches but, unfortunately, his blessing is a curse that’s destroying his life. Cabrera, a 52-year-old man from Mexico, told Mexican newspaper Vanguardia that he wants to be considered disabled because of his third leg, err, large penis.

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Cabrera says his penis keeps him from working and he is forced to have assisted living and scavenge for food. Cabrera also says his one eyed monster, which has a circumference of 10 inches, is also scaring away the ladies (it couldn’t be his Einstein-esque hairdo, right?). Cabrera can’t even cash in on any fame because the Guinness World Records Book doesn’t have a longest penis category.

Watch this video about Cabrera’s plight:

(featured image via Enrique Lin)