He Threatened an ‘Orlando-Style Attack’, Now The Police Have Questioned Him

He Threatened an ‘Orlando-Style Attack’, Now The Police Have Questioned Him

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South Florida police have begun investigating Craig Jungwirth — an infamous anti-LGBT troll who once scammed Beach Bear Weekend attendees by selling reservations to non-existent hotel room and events — after Jungwirth threatened to carry out ’an Orlando-style attack’ this weekend in Wilton Manors, a city north of north of Fort Lauderdale.

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Facebook has since deleted Jungwirth’s profile.

The local NBC news affiliate has reported that police are taking the threat very seriously; the local police department released a statement saying as much and are possibly working with the FBI. Local gay businesses like Rumors Bar and Grill have begun beefing up security as well.

The police have questioned Jungwirth although no charges have been filed.

Since the June 12 Orlando Shooting, similar terrorist threats have been made against New York City gay bars gay bars; local Pride events and police forces in large cities have increased security as well to avoid a mass anti-LGBTQ attack.

Florida has trans-inclusive hate crime laws enhancing penalties for perpetrators of anti-LGBTQ violence.

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