Three Teens Try To Stone Trans Women To Death, Fail

Three Teens Try To Stone Trans Women To Death, Fail

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Dortmund Hauptbahnhof [train station]
(image via Tuxyso)

The lives of two transgender women were imperiled by three teenagers who had planned to stone the women to death. Yasmine and Elisa were behind the main train station in Dortmund, a large industrial city in the west of Germany, when three boys approached them at 2:50 a.m. on Sunday, January 10.

Initially the young men began hitting on the women, whose last names have been withheld for the sake of privacy. Things fell apart when the group realized the women were transgender, at which point they allegedly went nuts, grabbing the women’s breasts, pulling their hair and later pelting them with stones from a nearby gravel bed.

Luckily, a passing police patrol car saved the women and the cops promptly took the young men into custody. One 18-year-old was previously well-known to authorities, police said, with prior arrests for assault in the city. His 17-year old accomplice also had a prior record, but was discharged. The third assailant (age 16), was released into the custody of his parents. The boys told police they intended to stone the women to death.

Dortmund is one of Germany’s largest cities, a little smaller than Milwaukee, and hate crimes are unfortunately rather common there. The city’s legendary soccer team is quite popular with neo-Nazis and the city was recently site of vicious attacks by far-right German citizens who attacked strangers with baseball bats.

“That was barbaric what they did,” Yasmine told German TV network Sat 1 about her assailants. “They are barbarians.” She said that in 30 years as a trans woman, this is the first time she ever felt unsafe.

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