Tim Dejsiriudom
Tim Dejsiriudom

Tim Dejsiriudom Is the Top Designer You Didn’t Know You’re Already Wearing

You’re probably wearing Tim Dejsiriudom’s sleek and stylish designs unaware that he was the mastermind behind these creations.

Hailing from Bangkok, Thailand, Dejsiriudom came to New York City in 2011 with big dreams and quickly established himself as an insider in the city’s nightlife community. Now he designs for underwear and clothing label C-IN2, a brand that litters the drawers of gay men who want to look very good in very little.

We caught up with the Hell’s Kitchen designer about the work he does, underwear trends, nightlife and what he loves most about New York.

What do you love about the gay community of New York City?

I love our heritage, fierceness and diversity. First, our heritage: New York City is the birthplace of modern gay culture. We would not be who we are today if our ancestors didn’t fight and die for us. This is why we’re so fierce: our attitude comes from knowing both our past and our present. Next, our diversity: New York City attracts so many gays from all over the country and world to live and visit, which makes us so diverse. We are all coming to New York City to to be a part of something.

Tell us about C-IN2 and your work with that brand.

C-IN2 is a leading men’s underwear and swimwear brand that focuses on design without sacrificing quality and fit. My work at C-IN2 as a designer involves everything from the design stage to the actual product. That means choosing concepts, colors, fabrics and prints as well as making sure the fit and quality are up to standards.

What is a current trend in men’s underwear, and how is this seen in the collections of C-IN2?

I don’t really think about trends when I design. Instead, I think about my customers, and I try to channel each and every one of them to create a product that I think would look good and feel good when they put it on. That is why at C-IN2 we have so many different collections each season, with different fabrics, designs, colors and functions. Whether you’re an athlete, a professional or a go-go boy, we have the perfect underwear for you.

How do you think gay nightlife has evolved since you moved to New York?

Since I moved to New York in 2011, gay nightlife has changed but hasn’t really evolved. Yes, there are a lot of options, and I always have the time of my life whenever I go out, but the parties are basically the same as before. I think promoters who are successful have figured out their formulas and are not thinking outside the box to create something new and more exciting. I would love to see party promoters take more risks and really push the envelope forward.

What do you love most about Hornet?

I love that Hornet is not just a hookup app but also a gay social networking app with lifestyle content full of stories, information and listings. It is the perfect app to use so you stay updated with what’s going on wherever you are, both locally or while traveling.

You vacation in Fire Island. Tell us one short story about Fire Island that you think sums up the energy about that gay destination. 

One of the most special moments on Fire Island was around the end of last summer on a beautiful August night. Everybody from my house, ranging from 20s to 60s, all sat together at the dinner table to enjoy a delicious meal that we all just cooked up. Disco music was playing in the background. You could feel a little autumn breeze. Some neighbors and friends came to join. We talked about how much fun we had all summer and asked each other what we had learned. It was just a really beautiful moment because it felt like family and you could feel the warmth and the love in the room. That is Fire Island to me.

Find Tim on Hornet: boy_timmy

Hornet is currently available on iOS, Android and the web.

Tim Dejsiriudom is the third of six New Yorkers we’re profiling who can be found on the world’s premier gay social network, Hornet. Photography by Wilsonmodels.

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