Tim Pawlenty Announces Bid for 2012 President; Promises to Tell Truth

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty has officially throw his flag into the pile of Republicans vying for the 2012 presidential nomination. In a video announcement, Pawlenty reveals his platform: Time for Truth.

Pawlenty begins by attacking Obama, and is decidedly aggressive in his tactics to gain the nomination. He says that we “need a president who understands that our problems are deep and who has the courage to face them. President Obama doesn’t. I do.” Pawlenty is angling to directly challenge Obama, rather than his competition, at least in the beginning.

He then goes on to set himself up for sure failure – we relish the one time that he’s caught in a lie – by saying that he is going to do what no other politician has ever promised in the history of politics: to tell the truth. “Tomorrow, my first campaign stop will be in Iowa, and that’s where I’m going to begin a campaign that tells the American people the truth.”

Pawlenty then goes on to flash his True Blue credentials, mentioning his truck-driving dad and his experience living the American dream. Sigh. When are politicians going to stop trying to sell us the American Dream – which clearly is faulty given the last 3.5 years of economic turmoil?

Anyhow, watch the video and judge for yourself. What do you think of Pawlenty’s chances?