Aussie Politician Fights Back Tears to Propose to His Boyfriend In a Parliamentary Speech (Video)

Aussie Politician Fights Back Tears to Propose to His Boyfriend In a Parliamentary Speech (Video)

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The fight for same-sex marriage in Australia has been long and dull. After 20 years of talking but doing very little, the Australian government is now working to legalize it after a nationwide postal vote in favor marriage equality. Marriage equality could become a reality in the island continent well before 2018 as a bill quickly works its way through the legislature, and the Prime Minister backtracks on his promise to not permit “religious exemptions” allowing people to deny rights to same-sex couples.

Nevertheless, this week brought a bright spot of romance in all this boring sausage-making, when liberal Member of Parliament Tim Wilson proposed to his partner Ryan Bolger during a same-sex marriage debate in Parliament.


The Tim Wilson Ryan Bolger marriage proposal

In his speech, Wilson’s voice occasionally cracked and he fought back tears while delivering the following message to the chamber with Bolger sitting in the gallery. Wilson said:

The person I have to thank most is my partner Ryan. You’ve had to tolerate more than most because you’ve had to put up with me. Trust me. This debate has been a soundtrack to our relationship. We both know this issue isn’t the reason we got involved in politics — give us tax reform any day. But in my first speech, I defined our bond by the ring that sits on both of our left hands, that they are the answers to the questions we cannot ask. So there’s only one thing left to do: Ryan Patrick Bolger, will you marry me? 


Here is video of the Tim Wilson Ryan Bolger marriage proposal:

Bolger smiled and almost immediately said yes. Wilson delightedly replied, “Well, chuck that in the memoirs, Hansard,” speaking to the person who keeps a record of Parliamentary proceedings.

The person overseeing the proceedings said, “Should let Hansard note that that was a yes, a resounding yes. Congratulations.”

The two men have been engaged for seven years.

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