That Time Dolly Parton Sang for Trans Rights (Video)

That Time Dolly Parton Sang for Trans Rights (Video)

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Rolling Stone invites us to remember that time Dolly Parton showed her support for trans rights by creating “Travelin’ Thru,” the theme for Transamerica

Rolling Stone writes:

In 2006, Parton embraced and encouraged inclusion by writing the theme tune for Transamerica, a big-screen film about a pre-operative transgender woman meeting and traveling cross-country with the son she never knew. It may have been a risky proposition for a Hollywood film, and perhaps even more so for a country icon, but Parton took it all in stride, in spite of revealing to USA Today at the time that her support of the LGBT community has subjected her to hate mail.

Parton is a long-time friend to the queer community, despite the fact that, as a country singer, she works in an industry with a pretty conservative fan base.

Recently, she spoke out against anti-trans bathroom bills. And she always supports her gay fans.

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