Insane Gay Rumors Surround Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Saudi Arabia

Insane Gay Rumors Surround Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Saudi Arabia

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Would you believe that there are some crazy rumors swirling around the presidential candidates regarding their relationship to homosexuals and foreign powers? Yes, you probably would believe that, because everything that happens in this election is absolutely batshit insane.

For example, there’s the time that Donald Trump tried to convince everyone that he’s a friend of the gays.

“Ask the gays what they think and what they do,” he demanded, following the massacre at a gay club in Orlando. “Who is really the friend of women and the LGBT community: Donald Trump with his actions, or Hillary Clinton with her words?”

It’s hard to even process what he’s talking about here, because Donald Trump really does not have a lot of actions under his belt where LGBTs are concerned. Can you name even one? Well, he once said that Elton John’s marriage seemed stable, and he allowed openly gay people to join his club. Once, in 2000, he said that the Civil Rights Act should be amended to protect LGBT employment.

But then more recently, he said that he would rescind Obama’s executive orders, such as those that protect LGBT employment. So good grief, whose side is he on?

Well, there’s a good likelihood that he’s on the side of some truly terrible anti-gay activists. Recently Trump set up a dastardly advisory group made up of the nation’s worst homophobes: Jerry Falwell Jr, Phyllis Schlafly, Robert Jeffress, and many many more.

It’s hard to judge Trump’s position on gays, since he doesn’t seem to have a consistent attitude. But we can easily judge that of his friends, and it’s not good.

Of course, Hillary’s record isn’t spotless either. She took her sweet time on endorsing marriage equality, and Saudi Arabia is funding her campaign.

Wait, what? Is that true? Well, no, in fact, it is not. But that hasn’t stopped a lot of anti-Hillary agitators from saying that it is. As crazy as Trump’s claim about being a friend of LGBTs is, the rumor that Hillary is funded by Saudi Arabia is even worse.

The rumor even has a basis in fact, albeit a very very small basis. Apparently, it can be traced back to a weird headline that appeared on the Fox News site — but the headline was actually written elsewhere, and simply aggregated by Fox. Following the story backwards, it seems to have originated on the official media site of the Jordanian government, but now they’ve backtracked and claimed that it was a false story planted by a hacker.

Nevertheless, there are now lots of conspiracy theorists claiming that Saudi Arabia is funding Hillary’s campaign, which would be illegal. It’s also problematic, they say, because Saudi Arabia executes gay people; and now because she’s accepted their money, Hillary is beholden to these killers.

And yes, it’s true that the Clinton Foundation accepted some money from foreign governments, from Saudi Arabia to Norway, earmarked for things like disaster relief. So far as we know, none of the money was directed toward executing LGBTs.

So which one is a friend of the gays? Well, considering that Donald’s done nothing for us, and the rumors about Hillary aligning with gay-killers isn’t true, we’re probably going to have to go for Hillary.

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