Our Favorite Drag Film ‘To Wong Foo’ Will Head to the Stage as a New Musical Adaptation Theater

Our Favorite Drag Film ‘To Wong Foo’ Will Head to the Stage as a New Musical Adaptation

Written by Alexander Kacala on February 07, 2018
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A To Wong Foo musical?

Yes, that’s right! Playwright Douglas Carter Beane is preparing to adapt his screenplay for To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything! Julie Newmar into a musical version for the stage.

The adaptation, condensed in name to To Wong Foo, will receive a developmental presentation through the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in November. The cast will feature members of the Academy’s New York acting company. Hopefully the production gets workshopped and transferred to Broadway, too.

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Here’s who we think could step into the musical’s high-heeled shoes if that fantasy really does become a reality.

Here’s who we would cast in the To Wong Foo musical:

Jonathan Groff as Miss Vida Boheme

to wong foo 1

That bone structure is Swayze enough for us, no? Groff’s work onstage in Spring Awakening and Hamilton proves he has the chops to perform this lead queen role eight shows a week.

Taye Diggs as Noxzema Jackson

to wong foo 2

Diggs has already worn a pair of pumps and lashes for the stage when he played the lead diva in Broadway’s revival of Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

Adore Delano as Chi-Chi Rodriguez

to wong foo 3

Type casting! We need to have at least one Ru-girl onstage in this, and we think Delano is perfect. She really is “a little Latin boy in heels.” She also has the pipes, as her time on Drag Race and American Idol have proven.


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Kristen Chenowith as Carol Ann

to wong foo 4

To play the small town housewife who’s abused by her bullish and brainless husband, we pick Chenoweth. The dainty, real-life Southern Bell would be the perfect fit for the role originated by Stockard Channing.

Hugh Jackman as Virgil

to wong foo 5

It’s tough to hate Jackman, but he’d be a great match with Chenoweth as the abusive Virgil.

Darren Criss as Bobby Ray

to wong foo 6

Darren Criss could be another great contender to play Miss Vida Boheme, but we love the idea of him as the cute love interest to Delano’s Rodriguez. That’s a stage kiss we’d want to watch from front row center!

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