Gay Choreographer Todrick Hall Thinks That Mass Protests Are the ‘Silver Lining’ of Trump's Election

Gay Choreographer Todrick Hall Thinks Mass Protests Are the ‘Silver Lining’ of Trump’s Election (Video)

American Idol contestant, YouTube sensation and Kinky Boots star Todrick Hall sees something good about America’s current political situation: the mass rallies sprouting across the country.

In an interview with Alicia Powell, the Broadway star talked about his upcoming Straight Outta Oz tour, his upbringing as a black gay man and the state of the nation. Regarding the Trump administration, he said:

I just think that in some ways this election has brought out the worst in some people but the best in some other people. I’ve never seen people in my entire lifetime rally together for such a great cause, and people coming together for problems that are not just theirs, but the problems of their allies. And I think that that’s such a beautiful thing and the silver lining of the situation that we’re in.

Trump’s election has found extraordinary mass opposition. Millions of Americans have risen up to respond to the alarmingly far-right administration with enormous protest rallies that show no sign of dwindling yet.


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