Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black Just Shared Some Never-Before-Seen Pics of Their Wedding Celebrities

Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black Just Shared Some Never-Before-Seen Pics of Their Wedding

Written by Daniel Villarreal on August 07, 2017
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In May 2017, Olympic diver Tom Daley married award-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black in lavish ceremony that was little seen by the couple’s fans. Little seen, that is, until yesterday.

In a video posted yesterday to Daley’s YouTube channel (below), the 23-year-old diver shared images of his and Black’s wedding day. The event took place in Devonshire in southeast England at a castle dating back from 1907, just 30 miles away from Daley’s hometown of Plymouth.

From the look of it, the wedding was well-attended, lavish, had many guests and a stunning fireworks display after sunset.

You can see images from Daley and Black’s wedding in the video below (at 5:16)

In the video, Daley said, “There’s something about married life that just changes the way that you think, the way that you feel, how secure you are, how just everyday life just seems to be a whole lot better.”

Before now, the famous couple had only ever shared a few shots of their wedding on Instagram. Let’s take a second to enjoy the new and older shots from their happy day.

The happy couple walks down the aisle after doing the deed.

Dustin Lance Black 08, Tom Daley wedding 08

A guest offers a hug as their doppelgängers approach behind her.

Dustin Lance Black 03, Tom Daley wedding 03

The wedding guests follow the couple through a lovely hedgerow.

Dustin Lance Black 02, Tom Daley wedding 02

Everyone poses for a  very royal wedding shot.

Dustin Lance Black 01, Tom Daley wedding 01

The couple shares a quiet moment on a picturesque bridge.

Dustin Lance Black 04, Tom Daley wedding 04

The couple cuddles for a brief intimate moment before the reception.

Dustin Lance Black 07, Tom Daley wedding 07

Their five-tiered wedding cake features the colors of the U.S. and U.K. flags.

Dustin Lance Black 015 Tom Daley wedding 05

Fireworks erupt before the couple departs for the night.

Dustin Lance Black 09, Tom Daley wedding 09

During the video, Daley admits that he felt at his lowest point after failing to qualify for the individual diving finals at the 2016 Rio Olympic Summer Games.

“It was truly heartbreaking and it took me a long time to get over it.”

He took a lot of time off and spent lots of time with Black to get his mind off of it. He then resumed training in January 2017. Daley has since won a few medals at world diving competitions.

Black is 20 years older than Daley.

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