Tom Ford to Armie Hammer: ‘Lose 15 Pounds to Be in My Movie’

Tom Ford to Armie Hammer: ‘Lose 15 Pounds to Be in My Movie’

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When we think of Armie Hammer, we think of the sexy 30-year-old actor who lit up the screen in The Man From U.N.C.L.E., J. Edgar and The Social Network (in which there were two of him—yum). One of the furthest things from our minds is that the 6’5″ actor is “too fat” for a role. But as proof that Hollywood’s specific brand of superficial bullshit isn’t restricted to women, Hammer found himself told just that.

In a red carpet interview with reporter Jeanne Wolf, Nocturnal Animals director Tom Ford—also known for his luxe designs in the fashion world—fessed up that he asked Hammer to lose 15 pounds for the role of “Walker Morrow” in the film, Ford’s sophomore directorial effort. Hammer did just that, and does appear in the role (though he’s not exactly our reason for recommending the film).

“He was too good looking to have that extra weight. And, of course, the way he looked on film mattered very much,” Ford says.

Hammer spoke with Wolf as well, commenting on Ford’s strict control of the on-set fashion.

“I’m going to get in trouble for telling you this,” Hammer said. “When my character is not as suave and fashionable at the start of the movie, Tom told me he’d dress me in Brooks Brothers. Then when I got rich and fancy and stylish he put me in all Tom Ford clothes.”


Ford recently made headlines when he claimed he had no interest in dressing future First Lady Melania Trump, and again when he told GQ magazine that every man should be penetrated.

Nocturnal Animals is in theaters now.

(Featured photo: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Armie Hammer and Tom Ford at the Toronto Intl Film Festival premiere of Nocturnal Animals)

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