Someone Compiled All of Tom Hardy’s ‘Taboo’ Grunts Into One Video (Swoon!)

Someone Compiled All of Tom Hardy’s ‘Taboo’ Grunts Into One Video (Swoon!)

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Haven’t yet had the chance to check out Tom Hardy’s latest venture, the eight-episode miniseries Taboo, which airs on the BBC and FX in the States? Well, here’s a taste of what you’re missing:

For those unfamiliar with Hardy’s new series, it follows adventurer James Delaney, who returns to 1814 London after a decade spent in Africa following news of his father’s death. Basically, he’s a little nuts, and he’s racking up enemies from every direction. Hardy reportedly conceived the show with his father, and Ridley Scott is a producer.

As The Independent points out, the show’s plot is “the ideal platform for the art of grunting,” which is something Hardy is rather great at. Hence the above video, which compiles all 72 of the British actor’s grunts over the course of Taboo’s first five eps. Watch as the actor conveys everything from happiness to rage, all with guttural noises. (Woof.)

Disappointingly, Hardy hoped he’d be showcasing more than his grunts on the series, to no avail. In a recent interview, Hardy said, “It’s not a period drama until someone gets naked and covers themselves in blood.”

Apparently scenes were shot in which Hardy was basically running around naked, clad in only a loincloth, though as he says, “You’re lucky there was a loincloth, because I didn’t want one.”

We demand to know who was responsible for that decision!

Unfortunately those scenes never made it into the show at all, although several nude images of Hardy’s time on location did eventually leak. (You’re welcome.)

Watch the trailer for Taboo Season 1, airing Tuesdays on FX, here:

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