Tom Hardy’s Dog Has Died, and the Actor’s Emotional Tribute Will Make You Ugly Cry

Tom Hardy’s Dog Has Died, and the Actor’s Emotional Tribute Will Make You Ugly Cry

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Full disclosure: If you are not currently in bed, under covers, in the dark with a pint of ice cream, wine, and several boxes of tissues, you should probably not continue reading this.

If there’s one thing our favorite scruffy, tatted, sexually ambiguous actor Tom Hardy has made clear, it’s his devout love of dogs. And he’s not just your average i-like-dogs-over-cats lover too; He has literally been on a British television show so he can cuddle more dogs. Hardy is around dogs just about whenever he can be. Just check out his Instagram for further proof.

Well, unfortunate news came from the Hardy household this week. Tom Hardy’s dog of six years, Woodstock Yamaduki passed away. Hardy took to Tumblr to pen a heartfelt tribute to Woody, starting with how the two met.

When Tom Hardy was in Georgia filming Lawless with Jessica Chastain, he saw a dog run across the highway. Hardy stopped the car and proceeded to walk around in the dark searching for him. With just his phone as a light, Hardy could barely make out the figure in the dark as a dog, but he could tell the dog was in need of help. He brought him into the car and immediately took the dog to get cleaned and toys. He went on to explain the funny situation of how Woody was named. (We’ve edited this and all of his quotes for clarity.)

“When I got back to the car and sat in my seat he laid on my shoulder and fell asleep. And snored. Clearly he’d been through a lot. And now that the ordeal was seemingly over, he relaxed. Jessica asked me if was he a girl or a boy. ‘It’s a boy,’ I said. ‘How do you know?’ ‘Erm… I can feel his Woodstock.’ ‘Great, let’s call him Woodstock!’ And so it was.”

He ended the tribute with heartfelt words thanking Woody for his unwavering friendship.

“Thank you Woody for choosing to find us. We will love you and be with you, and you with us forever. Never ever ever forgotten. Your boy Tom xxx.

I love you beyond words. To the moon and back, again and again, to infinity and beyond. Run with Max now and the Angels. I will see you when I get there. With all of me, I love you. Always thank you for your love, beautiful boy.”

You can read the full letter on Tom Hardy’s dog Woodstock below, along with a video montage of Tom and Woody.

Now here are pictures of Tom Hardy skinny dipping to help you smile again (if that’s even possible anymore).

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