The New Tom of Finland Emoji is Perfect for Sexting Your Leather Daddy

The New Tom of Finland Emoji is Perfect for Sexting Your Leather Daddy

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Finland will get legalized marriage equality on Mar. 1, 2017, and to celebrate the European country has added a Tom of Finland emoji (above) to its set of national emoji. While it isn’t quite as porny as Tom’s erotic drawings, it’s still the perfect one to send your leather daddy or friends at the Eagle before a night of naughty fun.

The emoji comes on the heels of a recently released Tom of Finland film which chronicles the artist’s life, particularly his time serving in the Finnish army during WWII and his “close relationship with his sister in Finland, where homosexuality was considered a crime from 1894 to 1971.”

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And yes ,apparently Finland is so hip that the country actually has its own set of 56 emoji. The full set includes the children’s cartoon character Moominmamma, a kick sled, a sauna whisk and Saimaannorppa (an endangered Finnish seal), all which are things we’ve never heard of.

Petra Theman, Director for Public Diplomacy at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, said that his country’s emoji set clearly convey what Finland feels is important: biodiversity and natural coexistence – coexistence with the challenges of our environment and also harmonious coexistence with each other.” Yes, harmonious coexistence, preferably with leather chaps, police shades and a riding crop.

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