These New ‘Tom of Finland’ Hats Give Leather Daddy Terry Miller Good Head (Photos)

These New ‘Tom of Finland’ Hats Give Leather Daddy Terry Miller Good Head (Photos)

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In March 2017, the Tom of Finland Foundation — the organization which manages the erotic artwork of the eponymous queer 20th century illustrator — named their first-ever U.S. ambassador: Terry Miller, the sexy leather daddy husband of sex columnist and gay activist Dan Savage. It was easy to see why they chose Miller — his muscular physique and love of leather make him look like he popped out of a Tom of Finland drawing.

The Foundation recently dressed up Miller in their new collection of Tom of Finland hats and caps, making him look cooler and cruisier than ever.

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The hats come in four styles — “Baru, a seven-paneled baseball hat; Hupla, a classic driving cap; Gona, a train conductor style; and Jair, a traditional fisherman’s cap” — each style comes in several colors with varying materials like denim, leather and wool. Also, each one is lined with a Tom of Finland print to let folks know that you’ve literally got something sexy on your mind.

The hats evoke the jocks and lumberjacks that Tom helped iconize while revealing the artist’s connection to the Finnish outdoors. Plus, they just look damned sexy and work with just about any outfit, whether day or night.

Naturally, the hats are just several of an array of apparel and lifestyle items available from the Tom of Finland store, including a rugged yet sensual Tom of Finland fragrance, a colorful backpack, a yellow watersports t-shirt and a ceramic coffee mug for those who like their coffee as strong as their men.

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Before you decide to buy one, let’s take some time to appreciate Miller wearing each of the hats — the caps certainly give him good head.


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