These New Tom of Finland Photos Show Hunky Model Terry Miller In the Nude

These New Tom of Finland Photos Show Hunky Model Terry Miller In the Nude

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For years, longtime sex columnist and LGBTQ activist Dan Savage has hinted that his blond beefcake husband Terry Miller is well-endowed. Now, thanks to Miller’s new Tom of Finland-inspired photo shoot for Boy Magazine we can verify that Savage wasn’t kidding. Yep, these Tom of Finland photos show Terry Miller nude.


Why the Tom of Finland photos show Terry Miller nude

Earlier this year, Miller became the first-ever U.S. ambassador of Tom of Finland, the brand associated with Touko Laaksonen, the artist whose super-sexualized images of hyper-masculine gay men became iconic during the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s. Miller has a history of hosting leather fetish parties around Seattle and is himself a muscular, mustached leather daddy, so he seemed a natural fit for the brand.

Miller’s recent shoot, entitled “Dear Tom, I Love You,” teams up Miller with photographer Josh Paul Thomas — the photographer who shot a recent Tom of Finland fashion editorial in Los Angeles’ cruisey Vaseline Alley — and three models: Bryce Belyeu, the model from the Vaseline Alley shoot; Oly Innes, a promoter behind the party Daddy Issues; and Marc Ransdell, a Curator and Head of Community Development at the Tom of Finland Foundation.

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Styled after Tom of Finland’s illustrations, the photos are both sexy and sensual, showing sexually-charged scenarios of young men and leather studs cruising and hooking up.


Here are shots of Terry Miller in the new Tom of Finland photo shoot:

And here’s Terry Miller nude:

To see the uncensored pic, head here (link NSFW).


Why these Tom of Finland photos still matter to gay and bi men

Tom of Finland’s images have remained iconic because they challenge prevailing stereotypes of gay men as weak, effeminate sissies.

During his lifetime, Laaksonen experienced anti-gay violence by police during raids on public cruising areas, struggled against artistic censorship by gallery owners and publishers and lost close friends in the AIDS epidemic.

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His work responds to those formative experiences, empowering gay men to celebrate their sexuality and masculinity rather than wither in shame.

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