Make Your Apartment Gay AF With These Brand-New Tom of Finland Textiles

Make Your Apartment Gay AF With These Brand-New Tom of Finland Textiles

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Sure, you might be gay, but look around. How gay are your housewares? Not very, right? Fear not, because Finnish manufacturer Finlayson has partnered with Tom of Finland to make a beautiful collection of Tom of Finland textiles. From pillows to potholders, from duvet covers to curtains, make your home as gay as you are.

Finlayson has partnered with Tom of Finland before. In 2014, they released their first collection. And starting year, there’ll be a new Tom of Finland collection every year.

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This year’s collection, “Street Style,” was designed by Sami Vulli. Vulli combined Tom of Finland’s distinctive artwork with style from the urban club scene. Vulli says:

There is so much from a designer viewpoint to draw from in the Tom of Finland art. It is great that we get to present his liberating artwork in home textiles, while simultaneously keeping up the important message of respect and freedom. Everyone has a right to enjoy their life.

Tom of Finland, born Touko Laaksonen, is one of the most acclaimed gay erotic artists in the world. His detailed depictions of muscle-bound leather daddies are iconic among gay men and art enthusiasts worldwide. Though Tom died in 1991, the Tom of Finland Foundation has been keeping his spirit and art alive.

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Earlier this year, the official Tom of Finland Store launched — with a portion of all proceeds going to the Foundation. The store features fashion, jewelry, sex toys and grooming products in addition to books, posters and prints of Tom of Finland’s work.

They’re also big supporters of Tom of Finland, the recent biopic. And, of course, they’re featuring the Street Style collection.

See the “Street Style” Tom of Finland textiles below:

The “Street Style” Tom of Finland textiles are available for pre-order now. The items will ship starting November 6.

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