Tonga’s Sexy Flag Bearer, Gay Swimmer Totally Win Olympics’ Opening Ceremonies

Tonga’s Sexy Flag Bearer, Gay Swimmer Totally Win Olympics’ Opening Ceremonies

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Tonga — a 169-island country east of Australia — totally won the Rio 2016 Olympic Summer Games opening ceremony by presenting a seriously oiled-up, muscle-bound flag bearer. They also have an incredibly sexy, openly gay male swimmer on their team — RAWR!

If you missed the ceremony, you missed Pita Taufatofua, the roughly 176-pound Taekwondo fighter and men’s wedding-wear model who donned traditional Tongan dress and carried his country’s flag, his entire beefy torso oiled up for his eye-popping sheen in the Parade of Nations. Seriously, his greasy pecs, abs and arms caught so much light from Rio’s Maracana Stadium that he seemed made of hard, delicious plastic. His un-oiled face contrasted weirdly with the rest of his killer bod — it was like someone replaced the head of a He-Man action figure with the head of a handsome Ken doll.

If you missed the broadcast, you can watch Taufatofua’s Olynpic appearance below:

The guy also has a steamy Instagram; here’s a taste of its beefy goodness…

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