Rotten Tomatoes Lays Out the Top 10 LGBTQ Films and TV Shows of the Current Decade

Rotten Tomatoes Lays Out the Top 10 LGBTQ Films and TV Shows of the Current Decade

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This Pride Month, the review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes is celebrating our community by curating a list of top 10 LGBTQ films and top 10 LGBTQ TV shows since 2010 by their Tomatometer score. The diverse lists celebrate some of the best storytelling about the queer community, from Academy Award- and Emmy Award-winners to less well-known foreign language projects too.

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Rotten Tomatoes has sway in the entertainment industry. In fact, movie studios have begun to fear Rotten Tomatoes. The website assigns a “fresh” or “rotten” score based on published critic reviews and audience ratings. A fresh score can encourage more people to see a new film, but a rotten score can effectively kill its opening weekend at the box office.

We’re not surprised by many of the films on the the top 10 LGBTQ films list, but we’re surprised about what ranks first on the list of top 10 LGBTQ TV shows. Take a look for yourself and tell us what you think about the list in the comments.

Top 10 LGBTQ Films of the 2010s

1. God’s Own Country (2017) – Certified Fresh at 99%

A British version of Brokeback, God’s Own Country tells the story of two farmhands — one a migrant worker, the other an angry introvert — who fall in love.

2. Moonlight (2016) – Certified Fresh at 98%

The 2017 Academy Award winner for Best Picture, Moonlight profiles a boy coming to terms with his own sexual identity in the black community of drug-torn Miami in the ’80s.

3. BPM (2017) – Certified Fresh at 98%

BPM poignantly follows a group of AIDS activists in the early 90s as they overcome obstacles to create the Paris chapter of ACT UP.

4. Tangerine (2015) – Certified Fresh at 97%

Filmed entirely on an iPhone with only a budget of $100,000, Tangerine follows a trans sex worker and her best friend as they embark on a rampage to find her ex-boyfriend and his new lover.

5. Tomboy (2011) – Certified Fresh at 97%

A French film from 2011, Tomboy is about 10-year-old Laure who moves during the summer holiday to a new neighborhood and begins to experiment with her gender identity.

6. Call Me By Your Name (2016) – Certified Fresh at 95%

Not quite the Award-winner it was promised to be, Call Me By Your Name showcases young, queer love in front of the beautiful and scenic Italian countryside.

7. Behind The Candelabra (2013) – Certified Fresh at 95%

Liberace takes much-younger Scott Thorson as a lover, but the relationship deteriorates in this HBO biopic of the world-famous pianist.

8. Carol (2015) – Certified Fresh at 95%

Set in early 1950s New York City, Carol tells the story of a forbidden affair between an aspiring female photographer and an older woman going through a difficult divorce.

9. Pariah (2011) – Certified Fresh at 94%

Written and directed by Dee Rees, Pariah follows an African-American teenager as they juggle conflicting identities, desperately searching for their own sexual expression.

10. A Fantastic Woman (Una mujer fantástica) (2018) – Certified Fresh at 94%

This Chilean drama about a trans women won big at the Academy Awards last year, sweeping the top prize for Best Foreign Language Film.

Top 10 LGBTQ TV Shows of the 2010’s

1. Banana (2015) – Fresh at 100%

A 2015 British television series, Banana focuses on LGBT youth in Manchester similar to its sister series Cucumber.

2. The Fosters (2013 – 2018) Fresh at 97%

Produced by Jennifer Lopez, The Fosters was an ABC Family series following the lives of the Foster family led by lesbian couple Stef and Lena, a cop and school vice principal who raise one biological and four adopted children.

3. Queer Eye (2018 – TBD) Certified Fresh at 96%

Queer Eye returns for its second season June 15 on Netflix. The reboot of the early 2000s classic features a “fab five” making over various people in need of some change in their lives.

4. Pose (2018 – TBD) Certified Fresh at 96%

Ryan Murphy’s new FX series Pose follows the lives of trans women and gay men thriving in New York’s underground ballroom scene in the mid-1980s.

5. Orange is the New Black (2013 – TBD) Fresh at 91%

Based on Piper Kerman’s memoir, Orange Is the New Black has become the most popular series on Netflix to date and will begin its sixth season later this month.

6. Cucumber (2015) Fresh at 91%

Exploring 21st-century gay life, Cucumber focuses on middle-aged Henry’s life after be breaks up with his boyfriend of nine years, embarking on a new life  in unfamiliar territory.

7. Looking (2014 – 2015) Fresh at 90%

The HBO series followed the lives of three gay men living in San Fransisco.

8. Will & Grace (2017 – TBD) Certified Fresh at 86%

After a little more than 10 years off the air, NBC brought back Will & Grace in 2017, the half-hour sitcom based around the lives of two gay men and two straight women living in Manhattan.

9. The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story (2018) – Certified Fresh at 86%

Based on Maureen Orth’s book Vulgar Favors: Andrew Cunanan, Gianni Versace, and the Largest Failed Manhunt in U.S. History, the FX series produced by Ryan Murphy explored the life and death of one of America’s most infamous fashion designers.

10. Sense8 (2015 – 2018) Fresh at 86%

This Netflix series follows a group of diverse people from around the world who are suddenly linked mentally, hunted by those who see them as a threat to the world’s order.

What films make your personal top 10 LGBTQ films list? What about your top 10 LGBTQ TV shows? Sound off in the comments below and on Facebook.

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