High School Student Sues Over Having to Share a Bathroom with Trans Classmate

High School Student Sues Over Having to Share a Bathroom with Trans Classmate

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A high school student in Pennsylvania is suing over “embarrassment and humiliation” for having to share a locker room with a trans boy.

Last October, the plaintiff (referred to as Joel Doe), was changing for gym class when he noticed that another student in the locker room was wearing shorts and a bra.

Most high school boys are pretty happy when they see a bra, but not this guy, apparently. He filed a complaint in US District Court that states:

Plaintiff has experienced embarrassment and humiliation, both in terms of being viewed and viewing a student of the opposite sex in a state of undress and because of the stigmatization and criticism he received from other students and adults.

And the transphobic teen’s lawsuit is being spearheaded by lawyers at Alliance Defending Freedom, an anti-LGBT law organization designated as an extremist group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The lawsuit “inverts arguments made in the past,” Buzzfeed writes, by using the same Title IX anti-discrimination regulation that trans students cite to protect themselves. Joel Doe’s lawyers claim that the presence of a trans student renders him unable to use the male locker room, and thus constitutes gender discrimination.


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