Gia Gunn Is One of 7 Trans Women of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’

Gia Gunn Is One of 7 Trans Women of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’

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Yesterday in commemoration of the Trans Day of Visibility, Gia Gunn from Season 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race came out as transgender via Instagram making her the seventh Drag Race competitor to come out as trans.

Here’s Gunn’s video:

In her video, she said:

Hey everyone! Happy Trans Visibility Day. I thought I would dedicate today in the spirit of being visible to share my transition with all of you.

I have been in hormone replacement therapy now for almost about a year and I identify as female and I indeed am transgender. Thank you all so much to each and every single one of you who has continuously supported me on my journey and I can only hope the best for each and every single one of my trans brothers and sisters.

So if you are in transition or struggling with your gender identity or just anything in general, I wanna hear from you … and let’s be visible.

She then blows a kiss to the camera. She looks kinda gorgeous.

Gunn made a name for herself in the series by playing equal parts ditzy and catty and through her affected catchphrase “Ab-so-lutely.” But the six openly transgender competitors who preceded her all had their own lovable trademarks, too. Here they are and some of the characteristics that made us fall for them.

1. Kylie Sonique Love (Season 2)

Her drag name comes from the British musician Sonique, a name she equates with superpowers. She could also turn out a sharp look with killer hair and would promise fierceness with a single word — “Trust!”

2. Carmen Carrera (Season 3)

Not only was Carrera the second queen in Drag Race herstory to be invited back after an elimination, (Shangela Laquifa Wadley was the first — halleloo!) but she also delivered some serious body in her scantily clad runway looks. It’s no wonder 45,000 fans signed a 2013 petition to make her a Victoria’s Secret model. Victoria’s Secret never made her one, though — their loss.

3. Stacy Layne Matthews (Season 3)

Though she initially stumbled out of the gate, Matthews leaned into being a big girl by playing Monique in the Snatch Game and pigging out during her tongue-in-cheek exercise video. Yes, it’s hardly revolutionary to tell a woman of size to ham it up with food jokes, but fans ate it up.

4. Kenya Michaels (Season 4)

Know this: We are officially upset that Michaels lost the episode three CD commercial challenge to Sharon Needles. Yes, we love Needles, but Michaels went jungle crazy and really sold the hell out of her CD — so funny! Michaels also performed at Pulse the night of the June 12 Orlando tragedy but left before the carnage began.

5. Monica Beverly Hillz (Season 5)

OK OK, so it’s basically become a cliche for a Drag Race competitor in danger of being eliminated to cry on the runway and reveal some deep dark secret about themselves, but when Hillz did it, she became the first-ever Drag Race competitor to come out as trans on the runway. All the others before her came out after they appeared on the show, so way to blaze some trails, lady. She still got eliminated the next episode, though; Mama Ru is tough and loving but fair.

6. Miss Peppermint (Season 9)

Peppermint is lively, friendly and a seasoned queen with wit and glamour to spare. She’s also the first Drag Race queen ever to enter the show as an already openly trans performer — werque! Live your truth, Peppermint!

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