Dumb Rules Force This Male Trans Wrestler to Fight Girls

Dumb Rules Force This Male Trans Wrestler to Fight Girls

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Transphobic rules force male trans wrestler Mack Beggs to compete against girls.

Mack Beggs is a trans 17 year old at Euless Trinity, a high school in Texas. He’s an athlete who loves wrestling. He takes testosterone. But because the authorities don’t recognize his gender identity, he is required to wrestle against girls.

He doesn’t want to. According Dallas News, Beggs would much rather compete against boys.

And the girls he competes against aren’t happy, either. Beggs’s testosterone gives him a massive advantage. This season, two girls forfeited rather than face him.

But the Texas University Interscholastic League (UIL) rules determine an athlete’s gender based on their birth certificate, and Begg’s birth certificate still lists him as female.

Proponents of anti-trans laws such as bathroom bills say that their discriminatory policies will protect girls. But Texas’s failure to recognize gender identity is forcing girls to literally grapple with a young man.


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