This Trans Boy Just Won the Texas Girls’ Wrestling Title

This Trans Boy Just Won the Texas Girls’ Wrestling Title

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Mack Beggs, a 17 year-old trans boy, was named the top female wrestler in the 110-pound weight class for the state of Texas, and no one’s happy about it.

Beggs didn’t want to win the girls’ title. He’d much prefer to compete against boys, but clueless, anti-trans school athletic rules force him to fight girls.

Beggs has been undergoing HRT as part of his transitioning process. Naturally, his testosterone gives him a massive edge over the girls. He annihilates them. There’s no fun in it for him, no challenge. And the girls don’t like it either; several have forfeited matches rather than grapple with Beggs. One opponent’s father filed a lawsuit to convince the authorities to allow Biggs to wrestle boys.

According to the Washington Post, the crowd booed Beggs as he competed. During his semifinal match, a coach asked, “If you really want to be a boy, why don’t you wrestle the boys?”


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