Trans Model and Her Husband Post Photo Protesting Pence and Trump (NSFW)

Trans Model and Her Husband Post Photo Protesting Pence and Trump (NSFW)

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New York’s Iman Le Caire and Jean-Manuel Pourquet are true relationships goals.

Before she transitioned, Le Caire met Pourquet while working at a David Barton gym. The two fell in love, but still Le Caire struggled with her gender identity.

Next Magazine wrote: 

During this time, Le Caire developed an intense addiction to crystal meth. “It was my only escape. One day I was really desperate and I said to myself, ‘It is time to get the fuck out of this life and just kill myself.’ Jean-Manuel showed up and told me we would change this together.”

Pourquet helped Le Caire go to doctors and therapists to resolve her addiction issues, which led to a revelation she had one night lying in bed looking into the eyes of her lover. She turned to him and said,”If I want to have a life again, I have to do my transition. He didn’t even hesitate, ‘Whatever you want, I love you. You become a woman or you are a man, I will love you.’”

Showing their love for each other (and large penises) while protesting the new administration, the pair posted a photograph to Facebook that has been removed. “We thought we had ordered portraits of Trump and Pence for our living room but received those instead,” the caption read. “I guess it’s the same kind of thing… mmm, they wish!”

The photograph was taken by artist Eva Mueller. Facebook removed the image citing that no nudity is allowed and that “satirical posts with nudity are an exception to the rule.”

Mueller says the pics is satire. “Damn fucking censors! It is the perfect satirical message after what is happening at the White House but also a tongue in cheek reference to Iman being trans, of course!”

Le Caire, who is Egyptian, told us:

Coming from a Muslim country and background I am appalled by how much this country is obsessed with dicks and pussies. Wake up America! There is nothing wrong about our genitals! Remember Adam and Eve? They were naked and didn’t carry guns! When you see what is happening in politics, there are more serious issues to tackle. If you don’t like dicks, remove the two you put in charge of this country!

We couldn’t agree more!

See the NSFW photograph for yourself:



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