This Transgender Homage to Beyoncé’s <em>Lemonade</em> Is Bittersweet

This Transgender Homage to Beyoncé’s Lemonade Is Bittersweet

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An all-transgender art collective called Glass Wing Group recently released their own homage to Beyoncé’s video album Lemonade called “Lemonade served Bitter Sweet” and it’s pretty damned tasty.

It’s only 12-minutes (compared to Lemonade’s hour-and-five-minute running time), but it features the Lemonade songs ”Hold Up”, “Freedom”, Sorry” and “6 Inch” as well as some serious face and body courtesy of transgender Beyoncé impersonator Miss Shalae.

Miss Shalae told ATTN that she originally just wanted to do a #TransLivesMatter version of Beyoncé’s “Formation” seeing as 2015 was the deadliest year on record for murdered transgender women. But then she saw Beyoncé’s video album Lemonade and thought that she could make her own homage using far fewer people.

Miss Shalae said that while it took her a great deal of time to create all of the costumes in the video, she and co-director Adisa Gooding filmed the video in 16 hours over the course of a single day (with cinematographer Q Bernadette) and the piece was finished being edited within a week and a half.

“I love Beyoncé for always speaking up and her feminist ways,” Miss Shalae told ATTN. “And identifying as a transgender women, I feel like we lack that in our community, personally.”

She continued:

“I want more than anything to inspire trans women, especially young trans women, because here in America, being transgender is not something to be celebrated. It’s a very negative culture here, so I wanted to showcase a trans group doing positive things. I wanted to show that we are human first, and we are talented and we are able to create just like the next person.”

While the video itself takes most of its action and visual cues from Lemonade rather than adding its overtly transgender-slant — and we’ve asked Miss Shalae if all the dancers and actors in the video are also trans — it’s still an incredible homage that the Queen Bey would be proud of. No word yet on whether she’s watched it.

That being said, let us just take a second to point out that Beyoncé remained silent in response to a campaign to get her to speak in favor of transgender legal protections in her hometown of Houston; protections that were later overturned by Houston voters — bittersweet indeed!

You can watch the full video of “Lemonade served Bitter Sweet” below.

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