You Need to Be Following These 10 Sexy AF Transgender Male Athletes on Instagram

You Need to Be Following These 10 Sexy AF Transgender Male Athletes on Instagram

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While we’ve covered sexy trans men in the past — like trans male porn stars and trans model Jamie Wilson — we have a special place in our heart (and pecs) for transgender male athletes. Not only are they hot, but they’re a testament to the powers of dedications and personal transformation. So here’s 10 sexy transgender male athletes we discovered on Instagram that are both sexy and inspiring.


1. Rufio

Rufio is personal trainer certified by the National Association of Sports Medicine. He identifies as a non-binary female-to-male trans man and two-spirit, as well as a dog lover.



2. Schuyler Bailar

Bailar is as 21-year-old, half-Korean swimmer who swims for Harvard. If you want to learn more about his transition and acceptance onto the Harvard team, head here.



3. Roman Fitzgerald

Roman enjoys bike riding, swimming and playing guitar. He plays in a punk-folk band called The Darkhearts. He also likes Halloween, horror movies and female musician Amanda Palmer.


4. Elias Alexander

Alexander is a 30-year-old who lives in Finland and is very much into tattooing. He’s got an impressive full-torso piece that’s positively spell-binding.

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5. Shane Ortega

Ortega is an Idaho Two-spirit, a retired disabled veteran and a firefighter and an emergency medical technician (EMT). He has also spoken on HBO, The History Channel and several other media outlets. You can learn more about him at


6. harlemdane

Dane live in Atlanta but was born in the United Kingdom and grew up in New York City. Part of his bodily transformation has been to gain the confidence to remove his shirt, a common goal among trans men.


7. fire_eyed_boy666

This person is a self-described short, fancy, scruffy “queer trans alien boy” who is also non-binary, not masculine and thinks dogs are better than people.


8. Patricio “Pat” Manuel


Manuel is a boxer who appeared in a revealing profile on HBO’s The Fight Game, a show about boxing and other fighting sports. He grew up in the South Bay area of Los Angeles.


9. Evan Shawn

Evan is a self-described singer, dancer, body-builder and fitness fanatic who is also an aspiring model. He lives in Berlin, Germany. He also offers fitness tips on YouTube.


10. Kenneth Jones

Kenneth Jones is a psychology and car enthusiast who also offers his mentoring skills in stock trading as a business. He is the CEO of Shark Profits, a business that teaches people more about stock trading.

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