Transgender Model Lea T Talks To Oprah

Transgender Model Lea T Talks To Oprah

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Current Givenchy muse and rising star Lea T seems to have it all. The supermodel’s been booking work left and right, and recently shared a kiss and a magazine cover with Kate Moss. But just three years ago, life was very different for Lea T. She used to be a man.

The transgendered supermodel sat down with Oprah Winfrey to discuss the road less traveled from Brazil to the catwalks of Paris. Born the son of a famous Brazilian soccer player into a devoutly Catholic family, her journey to acceptance has been truly inspirational to gay and straight alike. This woman has lived, y’all.

Lea reveals how difficult the coming out process is for transgendered men and women. “I was hoping I was gay. I mean, I was like, I’m gay because for my family it’s less painful.” In so many ways it would be easier to be gay. Gay men and women simply find themselves born into opposition of what other’s may consider normal. Transgendered men and women are born into bodies that are at war with their identities. Lea tells Oprah that she’s afraid not only of the physical pain of surgically removing her penis, but the emotional separation from who she used to be as well.

We were moved beyond measure by Lea T’s story, and hope you’ll give it a watch.

Are you proud of this supermodel for being so honest with the world?

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