Peppermint Explains the Transphobic Women’s March Sign Everyone Is Talking About

Peppermint Explains the Transphobic Women’s March Sign Everyone Is Talking About

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A transphobic sign from the Women’s March in Vancouver, Canada is making the rounds on the LGBTQ internet, sparking much outrage over its content which many see as damaging to the trans equality movement.

Originally shared by Meaghan Jackson-Doucet on her Facebook, the pic features a woman holding a sign that reads: “Trans women are men. The truth is not hate. Don’t believe the hype. Trans ideology is misogyny and homophobic. Woman is not a ‘feeling,’ a costume, or a performance of a stereotype. Woman is a biological reality! There is no ethical or moral duty to lie to soothe a male ego.”

Jackson-Doucet, who is the mother of a transgender child, explained why she chose to share the photo of the woman, whom she alleges, “booed the entire time a trans sex worker was speaking.”

Photo courtesy of Meaghan Jackson-Doucet

“I shared this because we need to shine a light on all of our ugly, dark bits in order to overcome,” she explained. “Like it or not, this woman exists. And she’s mad. Really, really mad. So mad, she came to a protest about equal rights to put down other humans. To put down people like my kid.

“So I’m shining a light on her, and people like her. I see you. My child sees you,” Jackson-Doucet wrote.

Transgender drag queen Peppermint retweeted the photo of the transphobic sign on her own account with the following caption:

“I disagree with this woman. I imagine many who agree w/ her would ALSO deny her right to: choose, Vote, equal pay & marriage equality. Women shouldn’t be defined or confined by ANYONE including men, trans-women shouldn’t be defined or confined by ANYONE especially cis-women.”

Peppermint’s retweet of the now infamous photo has since gotten 439 retweets and 1,824 likes.

“I feel disappointed,” Peppermint exclusively told us over Twitter. “And it makes me think there is a lot more work to be done, even amongst women.”

If she could say one thing to the woman in the photo, Peppermint would tell her, “You’re guilty of perpetuating the same treatment you are marching against in the first place. It’s impossible to devalue and erase trans women without doing the same thing to yourself.”

Peppermint plans on combatting this kind of transphobia with activism this upcoming year. This includes a speaking tour at colleges and high schools across the country.

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