The ‘Traveling Butts’ Couple Arrested for Mooning a Thai Temple Has Been Released From Prison

The ‘Traveling Butts’ Couple Arrested for Mooning a Thai Temple Has Been Released From Prison

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Travis and Joseph Dasilva — the married gay couple behind the Traveling Butts Instagram account who got arrested in Thailand this November for taking pictures of their exposed butts at Bangkok’s revered Wat Arun and Wat Pho temples — have reportedly been released from Thai prison. The Traveling Butts couple will soon head back home where they’ll presumably decompress before eventually mooning other world sites.

Thai police arrested the couple after they took pictures of their bare butts at the sacred Buddhist temples. After being taken into custody, the two men were charged with getting naked in public and fined 5,000 Baht ($153), the maximum fine allowed for the crime.

A Thai court threw out the charges facing the two men and sent them to immigration police for imminent deportation. Their friend told the press that the couple reportedly slept on the floor of a “clean but cold cell” and are now doing fine.

One hour ago, the couple posted the image below, adding #sorry.

The two men almost faced far worse consequences when the Thai government considered prosecuting them for religious insult and online pornography, charges that would have resulted in around $4,300 in fines and up to 13 years in prison.

The men would’ve faced a three-judge panel without an attorney and would’ve had little room for plea bargaining or negotiating as their crime was reported widely in the press and enraged a great number of Buddhists throughout Asia.

The Traveling Butts couple’s Instagram account has roughly 24 pictures of them exposing their butts at different sites. Since their arrest, their Instagram account has been filled with mockery and ridicule over their ordeal. Reposted links of news articles detailing their arrest have had similar comments.

Johnathan Hale, the publisher of San Diego Gay and Lesbian News, said, “Reading through a few of the comments, I was embarrassed by my own community. There were comments which showed no concern for Travis’ and Joseph’s well-being.”

He added that his publication will have an exclusive interview with the couple once they return.

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