Trevor Hill Is the Gay Socialist Hero We Need

Trevor Hill Is the Gay Socialist Hero We Need

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Gay NYU student Trevor Hill won our hearts when he asked House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi if the Democratic Party would reconsider its love affair with capitalism.

Hill threw out the question he was supposed to ask Pelosi at a Democratic town hall. Instead, he brought up the fact that a slight majority of Millennials don’t support capitalism, and asked Pelosi if the Democrats might move leftward economically.

And Pelosi broke our red hearts by replying, “We’re capitalists. That’s just the way it is.”

Alas, Hill did not manage to single-handedly spark the Great Revolution. But there are good reasons to love him anyway:

You can disagree with Hill’s economic beliefs. Many do; Hill says that after he asked the question, some older Democrats badgered him for his socialism with comments like, “Communism isn’t gonna pay your student loans.”

But no matter what, the Democratic Party must learn to embrace people like Trevor Hill. Like it or not, Hill—young, queer and anti-capitalist—represents the future of progressivism. Brush him off at your peril.

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