Watch Fergie Awkwardly Crash the Stage Not Once But Twice at Last Night’s TrevorLIVE Gala

Watch Fergie Awkwardly Crash the Stage Not Once But Twice at Last Night’s TrevorLIVE Gala

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Fergie crashed the stage not once, but twice at the TrevorLIVE Gala last night in Los Angeles. The gala is The Trevor Project’s annual fundraiser and last night, Tom Ford and Kristin Chenoweth were among some of the night’s honorees.

Fergie’s appearances made for two very awkward moments that have left us wondering what the hell was going on.  We’re thinking there was a scheduling mishap, as maybe Fergie was initially planned to present Tom Ford with the night’s penultimate honor, even though Armie Hammer was there to do so.

“I am grateful to be here supporting Trevor and what they are doing for young people in the LGBTQ community,” Hammer began. “I am here tonight to talk about a man whose life embodies what it means to change perceptions, to shadow stereotypes and provide a new perspective of hope.”

Before the actor could continue, Fergie walked onstage and interrupted him, confusing a few attendees. “Oh, yes!” Armie said. “Ladies and gentleman, Fergie!”

Next, he whispers something inaudible to Fergie, apologizing to her before she takes the microphone for her horribly awkward speech.

“No, I’m not Fergie; I am actually Armie Hammer. Thank you. I am going to win at the Academy Awards. Thanks!” she joked. “So, this is unexpected, and in typical Tom Ford style, I think he would love that — if he was here.”

Someone from the audience yelled Fergie’s name. Rambling, she turns to Armie Hammer, still pretending that he was her and she was him. “They really love you,” she said. “They do! They really love you!”

“But, uh, Tom Ford is here. He’s here on this bag. He’s here on this amazing T-shirt, mock-style, long-sleeve shirt and fabulous skirt and pumps. But, he’s also here as a person. And the thing is, behind all the Tom Ford life, which I thrive to get — I was really embarrassed that I didn’t have Tom Ford makeup in my bag, by the way; so shaming — he is a person of compassion,” she said in between odd pauses. “He’s a director. He loves to see people’s feelings and listen.”

Fergie told the audience, “This is not a shameless promotion; I have a lot of shame. Uh, I have a new song called ‘A Little Work,’ and I have a version that has alternate verses. And so, shamelessly — no! Shame! With shame! — I promote the Target version that has these bonus tracks with the alt verses. Um…these are the alt versus. Because honestly, just sitting there with you tonight, Tom Ford — purse-bag man, the myth, the legend — it made me think of that. These are the ones that might not be heard by all, but they will be heard by you.”

Fergie then sang a few lines from her song “A Little Work.” After she finished her impromptu performance, she joked, “I’m still Armie Hammer, and this is the first time I’ve ever sang for you guys in my life. And now I’m going for my Tony!”

“Thank you so much!” she said, stilling pretending to be Hammer, “Welcome, everybody, Fergie!”

Hammer stepped up to the microphone and made the best of the strange situation, joking with the audience, “If I had a nickel for every time that I was confused with Fergie … By the way, Fergie!”

Later in the night, singer Shoshannah Bean walked offstage so the crew could address some technical issues. During that time, Fergie jumped out of her seat and got onstage, crashing the show again for a second time.

Fergie then led the audience in a sing-along of that song she sang the first time, “A Little Work.”

“You don’t know the other part, but that’s cool, though,” Fergie told them. “But you will!”

“Just, I guess, with full shame or no shame, I don’t know, get it on iTones…iTones? That’s a new one. iTunes,” Fergie continued. “Anyway, just get it if you want. You know what? Listen if you want. If you like it, listen, if you don’t — don’t! But it’s a song that is really personal to me and…Give it up for Tom Ford! Trevor Project! This project. I wasn’t even planned to speak tonight, but I guess I can’t stand it when everyone else is up here singing. Um, but this project really means so much to me. I mean, honestly, reading about the suicide, uh, percentage and—”

Before she could finish, a voice came over the loudspeaker and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, the unpredictable Fergie.” The voice then reintroduced Bean to the stage. “Anyway, thank you, Trevor Project,” Fergie just before her microphone was shut off. “I’m really serious about that.”

“Give it up for Fergie,” the voice said as she walked away. “Shoshannah is back!”

We love Fergie, we really do. And while this is strange and unusual, it makes us love her even more.

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