We Asked Trixie and Katya About Taylor Swift and Just Sat Back and Listened

We Asked Trixie and Katya About Taylor Swift and Just Sat Back and Listened

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Tonight’s the night! After months of anticipation, The Trixie & Katya Show premieres tonight on Viceland. Fans of the Drag Race duo’s popular YouTube web series UNHhhh are in for a real treat, as these two queens expand their antics to full half-hour episodes. Earlier this week we sat down with Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova to chat about the new show (read all about that sickening tea boots realness here) and All Stars 3 (you don’t wanna miss what Katya thinks about Trixie’s odds on the new show). But what are Trixie’s and Katya’s thoughts on Taylor Swift?

When given the opportunity to chat with two of the funniest queens to ever come out of RuPaul’s Drag Race, we couldn’t resist the chance of getting them to open up about a few current events.

With last Friday’s release of Taylor Swift’s new album, Reputation, and the fact that Swift has become such a polarizing artist, we figured it was fair game.

Here’s what Trixie and Katya had to say about Taylor Swift:


HORNET: So, our second topic is something that’s on the lips of many a gay man right now, and I’m willing to bet you both have pretty strong opinions, maybe the same, maybe not. The new Taylor Swift album … Katya, I know you have a lot to say.

TRIXIE: I haven’t listened to it.

KATYA: No, I have nothing to say. I have literally nothing to say. I don’t like her music. I don’t listen to it. I will say … Well, I just wanna say that my initial response — my initial impulse — is to trash Taylor Swift as a puppet of the machine, but I wanna direct your attention toward a much lighter, brighter version of that, which is Kia Gerber, who is Cindy Crawford’s daughter. If you look at her, she’s a tour de force of mathematics and structure — obviously genetics, right? She was manufactured by her mom, in her womb, as a woman does, and she stormed Fashion Week like a fuckin’ warrior bitch. 

I’m not saying modeling is an inherently interesting profession, because it is absolutely not, but if you watch her it’s like history repeating itself in the most interesting way. Much more interesting than Taylor Swift. And Kia Gerber’s walk is infinitely more compelling than anything Taylor Swift has uttered into a microphone in a recording studio.

TRIXIE: I don’t have such a strong … I don’t have a problem with her singing or her guitar playing, or her song-writing. It’s just not my favorite. But, I’ve seen videos of her preforming acoustic. She was performing acoustic for something at the Grammy Museum. You can YouTube her singing “Blank Space” or “Wildest Dreams.” It’s just her and a guitar and a microphone, live. She sounds fabulous. That’s something I can just really appreciate.

KATYA: Yes, so Trixie is the perfect one to evaluate her musical talent. That’s not my forté. I’m more interested in her cultural relevance and her cultural impact, which is loathsome.

TRIXIE: I think she’s a fine musician, but unfortunately she is a problematic cultural phenomenon. Now I kind of get it, Katya. You have a deeper problem with what she represents.

KATYA: She’s a puppet for “Make America Great Again,” young listeners, she’s safe, she’s white, she’s a mayonnaise popsicle. Her music is fine. I mean, nobody’s arguing that. Of course her music is fine, it makes millions of dollars, but she is a loathsome cretin in an overarching kind of American fable. Just through negligence and default and by lack of doing anything.

I’m not trying to come for her in a public way, or trying to make a name for myself, because that’s what she does. She drags people for money. Mama, she does drag better than I do. Put that in a book! She does drag better than I ever fucking will. She drags titans. She drags Kanye, and she does it successfully, and the kids buy it. 

I’m so sorry, Trixie. I’m sorry for going on this rant!

TRIXIE: No, that’s OK. Listen, we just come from different angles. This is a picture of how Katya and I, on paper, don’t make sense at all but do absolutely function in perfect synergy. It’s amazing.


Viceland’s The Trixie & Katya Show premieres tonight, Nov. 15.

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