This Huge ‘Troll Penis’ in Norway Has Been Re-Erected

This Huge ‘Troll Penis’ in Norway Has Been Re-Erected

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Don’t you hate it when you’re standing around and someone breaks off your penis? That’s what happened recently in Eigersund, Norway. A vandal broke off the Trollpikken rock formation. (If you’re not up on your Norwegian, “trollpikken” means “troll penis”.) And, well, it’s a really apt name. Just look:

Last month, unknown vandals snuck up to Trollpikken and drilled a number of holes into the rock. The holes made the structure too weak to support, and it broke off. The damage was discovered on the morning of June 24 by a jogger.

But thankfully, all was not lost. As the news spread throughout Norway, Odd Stangeland, Mayor of Eigersund received a call from Sverre Garpestad. Garpestad was a local contractor who said he could reattach it.

Sadly, this would cost quite a bit of money — about 200,000 Krone, or roughly $23,600 USD. But Norwegian citizens heard the call to help out and set up a crowdfunding campaign.

Not only did the campaign reach its goal, they beat it. They added an extra 28,000 Krone on top of the goal. And, thus, about two weeks later, Trollpikken was back to all its former glory.

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