People Are Trolling Anti-LGBT Politicians With Pride Emojis (And You Should, Too)

People Are Trolling Anti-LGBT Politicians With Pride Emojis (And You Should, Too)

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It’s been a few days since Facebook unveiled a pride reaction button to its users, and newsfeeds just haven’t been the same. From your local drag queen’s latest lip sync to a status update no one asked for on Tanya’s new baby, pride reactions are the perfect fit! And while people have been gaying up their own newsfeed, others have found a second innovative use for the reaction. Trolling anti-LGBT politicians, that is.

Roy Moore, a former judge in Alabama who is now in the running for a Senate position, fell ‘victim’ to a torrent of rainbows. Moore was suspended from his judgeship for demanding that his state’s judges deny the ruling of Oberfell v. Hodge. You know, the landmark Supreme Court case that legalized same-sex marriage across the country. Well, he told judges not to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. So LGBT-like minded individuals have begun gloriously trolling his page with pride reactions, emojis, and flags.

There was a backlash to this trolling, by the religious right bigots who offered their support for Moore.

But this queer trolling didn’t just stop here. LGBTQs down under also targeted their own wack-job politician. Cory Bernardi, a Senator representing South Australia, has said some fairly awful things in the past regarding gay marriage. From equating its legalization to bestiality to concocting a theory that same-sex marriage will turn everyone polyamorous, the man is no ally to our community.

And if you think there’s hope for him taking back his comments, think again. In a previous interview regarding his homophobic comments, Bernardi came off unapologetic — and ]kind of like an ass:

“Whether people agree with it or want to interpret it incorrectly, what I said was correct. It may have offended some people and it wasn’t intended to offend people but people drew inferences from it that they should never have done.”

So as you can guess, the gays went in hard.

Now, find your local anti-LGBT politician and get to ‘priding up’ their Facebook pages too!

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