cracker barrel restaurant
cracker barrel restaurant

People Are Trolling Cracker Barrel on Social Media, and It’s Hilarious

Cracker Barrel — the fancy eatin’ spot for good ol’ country boys that scores pretty low on HRC’s list of LGBT-friendly employers — is currently dealing with some serious social media shade, and it’s left us rolling with laughter.

It all started with a stern but straightforward question from a guy named Bradley Reid Byrd. His Facebook profile pic is of a skull with glowing eyes, but we bet he’s a nice guy who just loves chicken fried steak.

Brad’s wife, though, has been wronged.

cracker barrel 1

Well, it would seem that the answer to Brad’s question never came, and that had people around the world clamoring for an answer.

cracker barrel 2

Pretty soon every post on the Cracker Barrel Facebook page was inundated with concern for Brad’s wife.

cracker barrel 3

cracker barrel 4

Meanwhile, Cracker Barrel is interacting with its customers on the Facebook page but is refusing to answer any questions about Brad’s wife!

cracker barrel 5

Needless to say, there’s a lot of upset chicken-and-dumplings-loving people.

cracker barrel 6

cracker barrel 7

Here’s hoping that eventually Brad gets the answer he deserves.


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