People Are Trolling Cracker Barrel on Social Media, and It’s Hilarious

People Are Trolling Cracker Barrel on Social Media, and It’s Hilarious

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Cracker Barrel — the fancy eatin’ spot for good ol’ country boys that scores pretty low on HRC’s list of LGBT-friendly employers — is currently dealing with some serious social media shade, and it’s left us rolling with laughter.

It all started with a stern but straightforward question from a guy named Bradley Reid Byrd. His Facebook profile pic is of a skull with glowing eyes, but we bet he’s a nice guy who just loves chicken fried steak.

Brad’s wife, though, has been wronged.

Well, it would seem that the answer to Brad’s question never came, and that had people around the world clamoring for an answer.

Pretty soon every post on the Cracker Barrel Facebook page was inundated with concern for Brad’s wife.

Meanwhile, Cracker Barrel is interacting with its customers on the Facebook page but is refusing to answer any questions about Brad’s wife!

Needless to say, there’s a lot of upset chicken-and-dumplings-loving people.

Here’s hoping that eventually Brad gets the answer he deserves.


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