Gay Pop Star Troye Sivan Ditches an AirBnB After a Fan Leaves Him Strange Notes

Gay Pop Star Troye Sivan Ditches an AirBnB After a Fan Leaves Him Strange Notes

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It’s no secret we love Troye Sivan. Obviously we’re not alone, but one fan has crossed the line.

In a story Sivan posted yesterday, he shared a scary story about a persistent fan:

It starts reasonable enough. Even though we’re a little surprised that Sivan’s ordering from McDonald’s — surely a celebrity of his caliber could order from a fancy ice cream place. (But, then again — sometimes you just want some soft-serve.)

This sounds all right. Maybe the neighbor didn’t recognize him or know the house was an AirBnB. Not everyone’s as up as their YouTubers-turned-pop-sensations as we are.

As it turns out, the neighbor knew precisely who Sivan was. And he apparently thought that hammering the doorbell was the best way to endear Sivan to him.

Those notes are pretty interesting, too:

The neighbor, apparently named “Danny” included his phone number along with this text:

“Hi, I’m gay. This is my number for when you want to call me. You know I like you a lot.

“Maybe you’ve already seen me, and I see you very often and I love you, very handsome baby.”

Danny then changes over to Spanish, where he reiterates his introduction, adding that he’s 24 years old. We’re not sure why Danny would think Sivan speaks Spanish better than English — Sivan was born in South Africa and grew up in Australia.

Silvan ends his story with a chilling question:

We can’t blame him for leaving his AirBnB early — this had to shake Sivan up a bit.

Unfortunately for Danny, Sivan’s taken. Two days prior, his boyfriend Jacob Bixenman took this great shot of the singer:

No matter how much you love your favorite pop star, don’t repeatedly ring their doorbell in the middle of the night. It’s less likely to result in the night of your dreams. Instead, you might find yourself the subject of a Twitter horror story.

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