True Or False: I’d Dump My Spouse For My Pet

True Or False: I’d Dump My Spouse For My Pet

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Sure your boyfriend pees on the seat, never does his dishes, and could stand to hit the gym a little harder – but if you had to choose between your dog and your spouse, which one would you send to the doghouse?

According to a recent Poll, only 84% of people would choose their spouse if put between the rock and the hard place. While that number is high, it still means that 14% of people would rather have their pet than their lover.

Chron News Bizarre reports:

“Count Fidel Martinez, 30, of Akron, Ohio, as forever loyal to Killer. That’s his mix-breed, 100-pound rescue dog. I would absolutely give up my girlfriend for him,” Martinez said. “I know it sounds insane but I’ve had numerous relationships with women. My dog has never let me down.”

For the record: Martinez and Killer have been together for seven years. Martinez and his girlfriend have been together for four. The two-legged pair have no immediate plans to cohabitate, he said, but she does like the dog a lot.

Let’s just hope that she’s not reading this.

How about you? Who would you give the boot?

Via Chron

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