You’ll Want These Action Figures of Trump and His Cronies

You’ll Want These Action Figures of Trump and His Cronies

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It’s only 45 days into Donald Trump’s presidency and we’re already sick of his administration; luckily, we’re not the only ones. Designer Chris the Barker has transformed Trump and his British Brexit pals into a bunch of 21st Century Bastards action figures, and oh boy, we want to collect them all!

The collection includes Donald “golden toilet” Trump, his BFF Vladimir Putin, his horribly dressed propaganda barbie Kellyanne Conway, white supremacist fuppet master Steve Bannon and lil’ Nazi bootlicker Richard Spencer.

For the Brits, there’s disgraced former Prime Minster David Cameron, racist UKIP party leader Nigel Farage and the ghost of Margaret Thatcher whose conservative policies continue to haunt us from the grave — spoooooooky!

Sadly, none of these action figures actually exist — they’re all just illustrations. But you can see all of them in their high-res glory here. Maybe Barker should crowdfund their mass production; there’s 75,905,007 anti-Trump voters and 16,141,241 anti-Brexit voters who’d probably love to buy them.

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