Op-Ed: Conservative Trump Supporters Are Crying Out for a Safe Space

Op-Ed: Conservative Trump Supporters Are Crying Out for a Safe Space

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Conservatives love to sneer at liberal “snowflakes” who want to be protected from other people’s beliefs. But now that millions have come out to protest the president and his hateful policies, right-wingers are crying for a safe space of their own.

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito complained that LGBTQ activists were being super mean by criticizing the people who want to oppress them. At a Catholic lawyers’ event, he whined that same-sex marriage supporters would “vilify those who disagree, and treat them as bigots.”

Depriving someone of legal equality seems worse than calling someone a mean word, but conservatives are really fragile.

A conservative in Chicago Business wrote that she was ashamed of the entire city of Chicago because its residents were mean to Trump supporters.

This crybaby conservative complained of Chicago protesters and internet trolls hurting Trump supporters’ feelings, writing, “You have made it quite clear, there are two choices for Trump supporters in Chicago: Be silent about your politics or be bullied for them.”

That is generally the choice for anyone with strong political opinions: be quiet, or be criticized. That’s how it works for literally everyone.

But the dissent stressed this random Chicago resident so badly that she “had to cut employee hours due to the bullying, and soon we will have to cut our employee altogether.”

We don’t understand the relationship between anti-Trump protests and laying off an employee, but conservatives don’t really need a reason to screw over workers.

In the end, the columnist declares that anti-Trump sentiment is so bad that it’s making her move out of Chicago. She tolerated nightmare winds, a gun violence epidemic and absolutely horrifying pizza, but in the end it’s other people’s opinions that drove her out.

Alas, Trump supporters have learned that their hero is not quite as effective a fascist as they’d hoped for. He hasn’t yet managed to completely suppress civil liberties.

We can still protest him. We can still tweet piss jokes at him. And we can still make fun of his terrible, terrible butt.

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