Trump Emerges As GOP Frontrunner, Is Against Gay Marriage

Trump Emerges As GOP Frontrunner, Is Against Gay Marriage

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Donald Trump is a 2012 Frontrunner

While MSNBC is reporting that Trump is a close second to Romney, a recent Public Policy Polling poll shows Trump surging ahead to first place for the GOP 2012 Presidential Nomination.

Surprisingly, Trump polls well with the Tea Party: He is actually the most popular potential candidate as the field currently stands with the Tea Party!

In the Public Policy Polling poll, Trump comes in at 26%, followed by Huckabee with 17%, Romney at 15%, Newt Gingrich getting 11%, Palin drumming up 8%, Ron Paul’s 5%, and Tim Pawlenty and Michele Bachmann trailing them all with 4%.

Yikes. You know the world is messed up when the ultra-conservative, grass-roots party that was supported by reams of jobless middle Americans chooses the least charitable billionaire in the country as their preferred president.

Trump was also interviewed extensively by Hannity on Fox News, where he laid out his beliefs. He is religious, against gay marriage, pro-life and really gung-ho on the death penalty. He also loves the Tea Party, and all the hard work and reality they represent.

Oh, and he did the interview from his massive Trump Tower penthouse overlooking Central Park. How in the world do the rich get to be so powerful politically – seemingly just because they are rich and have a ready-made platform?

Clip on gay marriage:

Full interview, where Obama is called “The worst president. Ever.”:

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