Bette Midler and 14 Other Twitter Users Mock Trump’s Robot in Disney’s Hall of Presidents

Bette Midler and 14 Other Twitter Users Mock Trump’s Robot in Disney’s Hall of Presidents

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You might’ve heard that U.S. President Donald Trump was recently added to Disney World’s Hall of Presidents attraction in its Orlando, Florida theme park. Naturally, folks on Twitter started mocking the Trump Hall of Presidents statue shortly after its unveiling, both because the statue looks terrifying and because the man it represents is so hideous in his own ways.

The Hall of Presidents is a darkened auditorium featuring animatronic robot-statues of all 44 former U.S. Presidents. Each one delivers a brief speech taken from their real-life orations.

Every four to eight years, Disney shuts down the attraction to install a new robot for whoever gets elected. Disney shut it down on Jan. 17, 2017 in order to refurbish the other robots and install the Trump Hall of Presidents statue. The Hall re-opened on Dec. 19, 2017 to much delight and mockery.

To be fair, almost none of the statues in the Hall of Presidents look like their real-life counterparts. For all their animation wizardry, the staff at Walt Disney world are merely human, so the statues all look better viewed from a distance in the dark.

Trump personally recorded his speech for the robot — just as all sitting presidents have since 1990 — but his speech is far more eloquent than his usual blather.

Beloved gay icon, singer Bette Midler, mocked the Trump Hall of Presidents statue, placing her comment among the 15 funniest we found on Twitter.


Here are the best Twitter comments on the Trump Hall of Presidents statue:

But our hands-down favorite has got to be the video posted by Twitter user Dustin Giebel of Trump uttering the words of the infamous 2005 Access Hollywood tape in which Trump bragged that you can “grab them by the pussy” whenever a celebrity wants to sexually assault a woman — the tape he has reportedly been saying isn’t real.

That video made this final tweet seem totally appropriate as a warning to families with young kids:

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