Exclusive: Gay Comic Who Heckled Trump Robot at Disney World Tells Us What Happened After

Exclusive: Gay Comic Who Heckled Trump Robot at Disney World Tells Us What Happened After

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While visiting Disney World with his family, gay comic Jay Malsky made sure they stopped by the Hall of Presidents at Magic Kingdom to visit Donald Trump’s robot. Not because he’s a fan, but to protest and heckle the Trump robot with, “Lock him up!”

Video of Malsky’s protest has now gone viral, getting more than 700 retweets and almost 3,000 likes as of press time. We had the opportunity to ask the New York based comic who regularly performs at Upright Citizens Brigade some questions. We asked why he was there, what Disney security did right after and if Cher has yet to retweet him. Here’s what he told us.

Hornet: First off, what were you doing in Disney World to begin with?

Jay Malsky: was on vacation with my family. A lot of Trump-bots think I paid a lot of money just to yell at a robot and I’m flattered they think I’m that rich.

Why was this an important thing for you to do?

Trump is an unconventional president and I think our should our protests should be too.

What happened after you heckled the Trump robot? 

A few people came up to me and security stepped in so it didn’t turn into a Trump rally. They asked me to step outside with them and I was like, “Yeah absolutely, that makes sense.” Disney security sat with me for a bit and we talked about Patton Oswalt while they determined whether I was a real threat or not. I just want to note that Disney security is amazing and they do a great job protecting the millions of people who frequent their parks every day. They could not have been more professional and courteous in this situation.

A lot of people said you may have scared children in the audience, what is your response to them?

I hope their parents were forced to explain to them what a protest is so they can learn to do it before Trump destroys our democracy. I also hope they’ll think about the thousands children being taken away from their parents because of Trump’s racist immigration policies, or the parents of the hundreds of trans people murdered each year by transphobic and homophobic people, or the negative impacts of the tax bill on poor and middle-income Americans. I encourage anyone outraged that I interrupted a ride at Disney to check their privilege.

What has the internet’s response been so far? 

For people claiming to be Christian and concerned about what we’re teaching our children, a lot of them like to call me a faggot and tell me to kill myself which doesn’t really go along with Jesus message of “Hey, please be kind and love one another!” It’s cool Trump’s letting them finally say “Merry Christmas” again, but I’m not sure they know what it actually means.

On the other hand someone left this comment on my Facebook wall: “Thank you!!! As the mom of a part Hispanic trans-questioning teen, I cannot thank you enough. While I struggle to save my child’s mental health during this presidency, some people are worried about their Disney vacations. To those people: Oh well, now you know what it feels like to have to explain to your child something incomprehensible that makes them feel uncomfortable (maybe even a little afraid). Imagine that as your daily life.”

I know there are two things you hope happens so I have to ask: has Cher retweeted you and has Trump blocked you?

Neither! Tucker Carlson thinks I’m the “Saddest Man in America” and that’s basically true until these two things happen.

Jay Malsky as HRC

How has Trump’s presidency influenced your work as gay comic?

It’s very challenging to be honest, because a lot of people come to see comedy shows to escape the insane reality were living in. But I also had a teacher who once said, “Comedy is reality to funny people,” so I figure if I share my anger at this reality, it may provide some laughter for folks. But that assumes I’m a funny person and like, am I? I honestly don’t know.

What’s next for you?

A friend offered to donate to charity if I get Trump to tweet about this. So I’m probably gonna try to accomplish that so I can raise awareness about an organization like The Trevor Project. Then after that probably go back to getting two likes for a tweet about how amazing Cardi B is.

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