The Trump Tower Gift Shop Sold KKK Hoods and Rubber Pee Sheets, Thanks to Pranksters

The Trump Tower Gift Shop Sold KKK Hoods and Rubber Pee Sheets, Thanks to Pranksters

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Masterminds of a Trump Tower prank recently placed KKK hoods, rubber sheets, Russian flags and mocking postcards in the New York City gift shop.

Although all of the items have reportedly since been removed, they remained in the shop from Monday afternoon until Tuesday.

Here’s video of the gag items of the Trump Tower prank:

The larger items each came with their own satirical coversheet. For example, the one for the Trump Remote Control had a fake quote from Donald Trump stating, “I use this remote 10 hours a day,“ and advertised itself as “Preset to Fox News and CNN!” and “Grease resistant.”

The Trump White Hood featured Trump saying, “The same brand my father used!” The promotional copy read “For fine people,” “Show your pride!” and “One size fits all!”

Photo courtesy Gothamist

The package for rubber sheets had a picture of a glass of lemonade, with Trump saying, “The piss tape is totally real!” The packaging promised “No messy clean up!”

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The American flag had an image of Trump holding both thumbs up and proclaiming, “The flag of the greatest country in the world!” Inside: a Russian flag — an obvious allusion to the ongoing investigations into Trump’s business dealings and political ties to Russia.

Additional postcards called Russian President Vladimir Putin the “45th President of the United States.” Another postcard showed Trump’s daughter Ivanka under the words “First Lady of the United States.” Yet another compared the skin hanging from President Trump’s neck to the hanging red wattle of a turkey.

One of the two pranksters, who requested anonymity, told the New York gossip site Gothamist, “We thought the tourists coming in to buy some stuff, especially people from other countries, should get the whole story of who the president is, because the items in the Trump store don’t accurately reflect the person.”

We can’t help but wonder if tourists purchased any of the items before they were removed.


Featured image courtesy Japan Times

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