Meet This Trump-Supporting Trans Woman (And Her Hunky Husband)

Meet This Trump-Supporting Trans Woman (And Her Hunky Husband)

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Meet Edie DePoorter-Dixon and her husband Daniel.

The couple lives in Portland, Oregon. While attending Pride there in June, the pair were photographed and interviewed by Women in the World, not because of their relationship, but because Edie is a transwoman and a Donald Trump supporter.

“Born in Cuba to a conservative Catholic family and raised in small-town Nebraska, year-after-year, attending pride was always a priority for her,” the article begins.

“In 2015, she came out as a transgender woman. And in 2017, Edie came out as a conservative — and a Donald Trump supporter.”

“Coming out as LGBT may have been a little more ‘hands on,’” Edie explains, referring to the physical attacks she endured when she came out as a gay man in Nebraska back in 2012. “But the wounds heal. I still had my friends, family, and support system. I lost all of that, including my career, for coming out conservative.”

So why she is on the Trump train?

“Whatever party I feel aligns more with [standing for] our constitutional rights is where my support and loyalty lies,” Edie says.

The article explains: “She cites free speech and gun rights as issues the left has largely ceded to the right.”

Kyle Moon, a local Portland resident who knows Edie personally, told us he thinks Edie is just here for the fame.

We reached out to Moon after he tweeted: “Edie Dixon wasn’t ostracized for being conservative, but for being a rude, insensitive, uneducated loudmouth who couldn’t be given stage time.”

Moon told us: “Edie, prior to transitioning, was my drag mother for a brief time. I’m not out to smear her, but I also can shed a little more light on what’s actually happened with her in Portland and what hasn’t. She’s fame-hungry and always has been.”

When asked if CC Slaughters, the gay club she worked at, fired her for her coming out conservative, Moon argues.

“Not in the least. People have given her flack about that; I wouldn’t doubt it for a moment,” he says. “But she’s been falling into that ‘my ignorance is a perspective that deserves respect’ kind of politics. As in, like people who aren’t openly hateful, but obviously prejudiced and exceptionally insensitive and uninformed about the issues.”

“Her criticizing Black Lives Matter got her in hot water; that I do recall observing.”

It sounds like Edie’s drama just isn’t with politics.

“To be perfectly honest, I’ve not met a person ever who didn’t have major issue with her who knew or worked with her at all.”

Let’s talk about the husband.

Edie’s husband Daniel lists himself on his Facebook as a “Native Portlander, half hippy, half lumberjack, half gym rat Christian married to a gorgeous transwoman.”

What it doesn’t list is that unlike his wife, he isn’t here for Trump himself — something Women in the World didn’t mention.

A dating app for the trans community?

The couple tried starting a Kickstarter for a dating app specifically for people who are transgender and the people who date them.

“This project is designed to cater to the trans and trans-attracted community. We aim to make it easier and safer for transfolk to date or socialize. We will create an app similar to Tinder in interface but with added features like background checks and date reviews to help ensure people’s safety.

“As a newly married couple familiar with the online dating world, we have noticed a big need for this project and the time is right for this to happen. We hope you join us in helping create a safer world for transfolk.”

Their goal of $15,000 was never met. While the idea for this type of app does sound great, the Kickstarter failed to have any real metrics or finite plans. They only raised $263. Could all this Trump talk be a way for the couple to get more eyes on their app idea?

The “Milo Effect”

While a 2014 Gallup poll did find that one in five LGBT Americans identify as conservative, we’re curious if some of these new Trump supporters aren’t just doing it for the fame. Like Chadwick Moore, who actually voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, LGBT Americans are realizing there is a pariah status given to you if you choose to identify as conservative. Let’s call it the “Milo Effect.”

Cause let’s be honest, we or the Times would have never featured an article about Edie DePoorter-Dixon and her hunky husband until she after came out as a Donald Trump supporter.

So yes, we’re giving her what she wants — but in doing so we’re hopefully starting a conversation about the real intentions behind these people’s actions.

UPDATE: We reached out to Edie for a statement. She responded to our request for comment after this post was published. Here is what she told us: 

I’ve never been a drag mother. I was only doing drag for 2 years. Like I know [Kyle Moon] face cause we were both performers but we don’t know each other personally

And as far as the fame part, the journalist came to me at the Trump rally. Doing the article wasn’t on my mind. I only did it cause Gays For Trump were banned from pride parades and we needed awareness that this needs to stop but of course I want to be successful. I thought that was the point of being a performer.

And here are the screen shots showing it was strictly my political beliefs.

I’ve never brought politics into any club or performances. Nobody didn’t even know i was conservative until January of this year and i was friends with everyone. I was never mean or racist or insensitive or nothing cause I’m not. And I treat everyone with respect who respects me. It wasn’t until I came out conservative that i’m automatically a racist bigot. At the time of these cancellations, I was even living with a black man who agreed with my views (he was military and loved his guns and was such a nice man). I still ask all of them even in debates today to please tell me what I said that makes me a racist and a bigot cause I don’t hate muslims. I disapprove of Islam. I don’t hate blacks. I disapprove of an organization that uses white guilt and public shame to get what they want. I do not think it’s a peaceful group and i’ll be the first to tell you that I’m blunt. I tell it like it is. I don’t sugar coat anything. I don’t walk on egg shells and i’m not politically correct at all! And I’m sorry that offends you but I’m not gonna change my entire personality. The same old way I have always been, just because ot offends me….well im offended every day and im not labeling people racists and bigots….

There is a lot of hypocrisy in the Portland LGBT community. They openly bash Christianity like it is a must in order to be included and the way they talk about and demean white people and they have been sexist against women and transphobic, and extremely insensitive to my culture, my mixed race, my gender identity. But do I stomp my feet and demand them to change their entire personality to cater to my sensitivity?

Why I don’t support BLM primarily is this: In that small, minority of non-black on black murder rate, somewhere in there is the police on black murder rate, it’s under 3%. 19 out of 20 blacks murdered by police are armed and dangerous. So it’s somewhere around 0.15% of black murder victims are killed by a cop when they’re unarmed. Yet, black males are 7.5% of the population and commit half of all murders.

The numbers do not show that there is a systemic problem with police murdering innocent black men, not in the slightest. If BLM cared about black lives they’d be upset about that 92% black on black murder rate, not the 0.15% unarmed black men killed by cops

Also read their demands. Flat out black supremacist. They believe that all black people should have guaranteed income regardless of employment as reparations for slavery and segregation It’s on their website.

And as far as why I don’t agree with Islam primarily is like I said: I’m not really a religious individual but if anyone takes the time to listen to what the prophet of Islam, Muhammad, taught his followers and how he lived his life murdering, raping, oppressing women, it’s very easy to understand why human rights in the Islamic world are so terrible. Many prosperous secular liberal democracies in the Middle East have turned into terrible dangerous places as Islam has spread to those places and I don’t want to see that happen here.

And as far as doing this to get attention or a silly app idea that didn’t pan out like two years ago (LOL, like who writes this stuff), y’all are the ones who brought up the app for the very first time. My husband and I are entrepreneurs, we always come up with business ideas. At one point, I even tried starting an organic lotion business but I guess all this political mumbo jumbo is just a way to sell lotion bars… LOL.

I personally think the your article was shit to be honest. All I did was go to a free speech rally and a journalist approached me, asked to do a video and interview me and in the process I had mentioned how my performances got cancelled cause of my political views and he asked to do my article. So it all happened by chance. So I don’t know why anyone would risk losing all of her friends and support system and lose my career just for fame. Being a Trump Supporter is extremely unpopular, so why would I have thought this would happen? Like I’m floored how you guys are now making this all about me wanting fame. I’m just a conservative housewife in Oregon City who went to a rally. That’s it. Like, first I’m a racist, then I’m a bigot, then I’m a fake Trump supporter trying to get famous… LOL.

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