Bill O’Reilly Replacement Tucker Carlson Once Beat Up a Gay Man

Bill O’Reilly Replacement Tucker Carlson Once Beat Up a Gay Man

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Bill O’Reilly has been kicked off of Fox News for sexual harassment, and his replacement is Tucker Carlson, who claims to have beaten up a gay man.

On MSNBC Live in 2007, Carlson talked about beating up a gay man in a public bathroom as a teen in Washington, D.C.’s Georgetown Park neighborhood.

“Having Sex in a public men’s room is outrageous. It’s also really common,” Carlson said, showing that conservatives have been obsessed with LGBTQ toilet use for a long time. He continued, “I’ve been bothered in men’s rooms.”

He clarified, “I’ve been bothered in Georgetown Park. When I was in high school.”

Then he continued, “People should knock that off. I’m not anti-gay in the slightest, but that’s really common, and the gay rights groups ought to disavow that kind of crap because, you know, that actually does bother people who didn’t ask for being bothered.”

After another guest asked him how he responded, Carlson said, “I went back with someone I knew and grabbed the guy by the — you know, and grabbed him and hit him against the stall with his head, actually. And then the cops came and arrested him.”

After Media Matters wrote about the statement, Carlson’s spokeswoman sent them an email:

Let me be clear about an incident I referred to on MSNBC last night: In the mid-1980s, while I was a high school student, a man physically grabbed me in a men’s room in Washington, DC. I yelled, pulled away from him and ran out of the room. Twenty-five minutes later, a friend of mine and I returned to the men’s room. The man was still there, presumably waiting to do to someone else what he had done to me. My friend and I seized the man and held him until a security guard arrived.

Several bloggers have characterized this is a sort of gay bashing. That’s absurd, and an insult to anybody who has fought back against an unsolicited sexual attack. I wasn’t angry with the man because he was gay. I was angry because he assaulted me.

We have a question for Tucker Carlson: if sexual harassment bothers you so much, then why did you let your coworker Bill O’Reilly do it to women for so many years?


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