Tumblr and Instagram’s Top Same-Sex #RelationshipGoals

Tumblr and Instagram’s Top Same-Sex #RelationshipGoals

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Do you burn with envy — or at the very least admiration — when you see queer couples canoodling? If so you’ve felt the pull of #RelationshipGoals, a deep desire to emulate the happy hookups around you. Nowhere are these aspirational visions in greater supply than Tumblr, so we’ve gathered some of our favorites to share with you. Which ones match your vision of bliss, and which ones make you say “uhhhh no thanks”?

Let’s start with a tender kiss in bed, because where better?

And then follow that up with a cozy chill:


Even superheroes have goals:

Nothing better than a hug mixed with a butt-squeeze:


As we were saying about superheroes…


Ooh what’s that tattoo peeking out?


Maybe not an actual couple, but still, that look! So smouldering.


Bathrooms may not be the most romantic, but hey, wherever the mood strikes you.


That kiss tattoo is like a target for a romantic partner.

We’ll just be over here, ogling.

Awwww, you guys!

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