monkey, junkoff, dick, cute
monkey, junkoff, dick, cute

PICS: Twitter Zoologists Are Having A #JunkOff Sharing Their Favorite Animal Dicks

Who doesn’t love genitalia? Even aside from the amusement factor, we kind of need them to keep the species going. But — not hating — genitals tend to look a little weird, especially once we start getting into the animal kingdom.

Luckily, zoologists on Twitter are right there with us! A new hashtag has sprung up, #JunkOff, featuring pictures of animals’ nethers.

We’ve chosen a few of our favorites here, but be warned: If you happen to be a dolphin working in an office, these might be NSFW.


This week, the zoologists are changing it up with a #CuteOff! To bridge the gap, we found this video of a chinchilla (aww!) grooming his penis (hee!):

Chinchilla Grooming Penis by Lychinchillas

Featured image from Sean McCann.

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